Forbidden Jelly Strain Crumble




What is crumble?

A cannabis concentrate with a dry, powdery consistency crumbles easily, hence its name. Crumble, sometimes called “honeycomb” because of its appearance, is one of the most dehydrated forms of concentrate and is made through an extraction process similar to shatter. Crumble tends to have a yellow color and can have up to 90% THC.


How to use crumble?

  • adding to the joint,
  • smoke with the help of a smoking device – pipe, bong, vape;


*Forbidden Jelly is a rare Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Jelly Breath with Forbidden Fruit. This strain produces uplifting and cerebral effects that make you feel happy and perhaps tingly. Forbidden Jelly features a musky flavor profile with bold undertones of sweet cherry. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve cramps, stress, and chronic pain symptoms.


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