Afghan Purple Kush Strain


THC: 15% – 21%, CBD: %, CBN: %


Afghan Purple Kush Strain

This weed strain offers a vast amount of benefits for both medical and recreational users. A cross between Purple Kush and Afghani #1. This strain will be your new best friend each and every night. Buy Afghan Purple Kush Strain

It’s not just the flavor and aroma that draws people to this plant. Rather, it’s a potent THC level that tops out at 25% that makes fast friends with others.

Medical Benefits: The body high is deeply calming and relaxing, and can be helpful in treating Anxiety, Muscle Spasms, and Chronic Pain.

Imagine for a moment your stereotypical high, one that includes a sense of relaxation that softens the hard edges of your body and mind. While the part about the birds may not come to fruition, you can count on Purple Afghani to bring you the rest of the effects you desire. Including a deep sense of calm euphoria that puts a smile on your face and erases all cares from your world. Did we forget to mention how hungry you’ll get? Yes, this idyllic high also includes a case of the munchies that are hard to beat.

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