Buy Katsu Cannabis Strain


THC: 11%, CBD: 8%


Buy Katsu Cannabis Strain

This is a pure indica strain and is a cross between Old World Kush, West Coast Dawg and OG Kush. The strain is also popularly familiar as Katsu Kush. In addition, the strain is from the Hindu Kush Mountain Range and has become immensely popular. Buy Katsu Cannabis Strain

Medical Benefits: Katsu primarily offers a body buzz and provides great relief for those suffering from conditions or diseases that cause physical discomfort including Chronic Pains, Sever and Fibromyalgia.

However, considering its calming and relaxing effects it manages to offer a cerebral feel of tranquility. Which is why many patients use it to treat anxiety as well. But then again, it will make you feel euphoric and happy which is why it can also be used to treat mood disorders, stress and depression at the same time.

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