Buy Moxie Vape Cartridges UK



Buy Moxie Vape Cartridges UK

What makes this CBD vape particularly exciting are the eight CBD Cartridges available in the most wonderful flavours. All of the Moxies CBD Pods are created using 100% all-natural cannabinoid-rich CBD e-liquid. Which guarantee to have a non-psychoactive effect. Buy Buy Moxie Vape Cartridges UK

Moxie Dart is available in two very distinctive colours – Black or Black with a gold outline making for a very elegant and chic colour way. The clean and classic colour choice paired with the compact and slick vape makes for an aesthetically pleasing vape. Always contesting to support the highest quality items in our industry, the Moxie Dart undoubtedly delivers and surpasses a level of high end which we believe other CBD vapes available have been unable to do.

Blackberry, Blood Orange, Granddaddy Purple, Lime Cuties, Mango, Melonwreck, Peppermint, Sour Apple


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