Chemo Marijuana Strain UK



Chemo Marijuana Strain UK

Also famous more commonly as “UBC Chemo” to cannabis users. Some strains become nearly legendary for their effects. Others for their rarity and some for their history. In the case of UBC Chemo, it is a little bit of all three. Buy Chemo Marijuana Strain UK

Medical Benefits: Dr. Suzuki is said to have developed it to help cancer patients with the detrimental side-effects of Chemotherapy.

Providing to many a powerful Indica stone, of the sort that leaves users unable to crawl to the fridge. The rarity of this strain comes from the fact that it is clone only. While the strain grows relatively easy both indoor and outdoor, the odd shape of the plant makes it harder to use in techniques like Sea of Green. Requiring about eleven weeks to finish flowering, UBC Chemo reportedly has large yields that have a THC count of up to 29 percent

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