Deep Chunk Marijuana Strain


THC: 13% – 16


Deep Chunk Marijuana Strain

This cannabis strain is a 100% pure indica strain with unknown genetics. This bud has a moderately high THC level that ranges from 17-20%. Offering a fast hitting potent body high ideal of any classic indica strain. Buy Deep Chunk Marijuana Strain

Medical Benefits: Because of these powerful effects, this marijuana strain is said to be ideal for treating Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Appetite Loss, and Depression.

You’ll be hit with a surprisingly uplifting head high upon the onset. With a slight tingly sensation in your spine and back of the head. As the high continues, this tingling spreads throughout the body. With a warming and numbing effect that leaves you couch-locked, sedated, and completely at ease. This body melt saps your motivation and leaves you lazy and lethargic. Unable to move for hours on end and in a deep state of pain-free relaxation.


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1 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce


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