Disneyland OG Cannabis Strain


THC: 26%, CBD: 4%


Disneyland OG Cannabis Strain

This strain is an indica dominant strain and is perfect for patients looking for stronger and long-lasting effects. With 26% THC content and 3.91% CBD levels, it ensures you remain relaxed regardless of how stressed out you may be feeling. Buy Disneyland OG Cannabis Strain

Medical Benefits: This cannabis strain is perfect for treating conditions such as Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress. However, it is not recommended for day time use when you need to stay focused

The strain is recognized for delivering an instant high, which is something to look forward to. Not only does it relaxes the body, but it feels as though it washes over the body. Taking the pain away and calming the mind. In a matter of minutes you will feel at peace and will find yourself amused at the simplest of things.

However you have to keep in mind, smaller doses can leave you mentally euphoric. It is not recommended for day time use when you need to stay focused




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