Escobar Marijuana Strain UK


THC: 14%


Escobar Marijuana Strain UK

With a combination of indica and sativa effects, this potent strain has a THC content of 14.71% and a CBD level of 0.23%. The strain is overwhelming and intensely strong, making you cough initially until you adjust to the harshness of the toke.

Medical Benefits: It offers mental relief and reduces Stress and Anxiety. It helps cure Nausea, Pain and Inflammation. In addition, this marijuana strain can also be use to treat Arthritis, Tourettes Syndrome, PMS, Migraines, Seizures and Insomnia effectively.

This strain initially has a calming effect on the neck and then flows through the rest of the body. Giving you a buzz long enough to help you concentrate. Escobar will give you a heady feeling at first, making you euphoric.

This cannabis strain’s high lasts about 90 minutes aking it an ideal choice for an afternoon smoke. Giving you flexible options for your toke. It releases tension in the neck at first, then buzzes through your body with concentration. It will start with a headiness and offer immense relief.





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