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Face Off OG Kush – Indica dominates weed strain. 70% Indica/ 30% Sativa. Face Off OG was based on the feeling this extremely potent bud provides and predates the film by a few years. Not much is known about this strain; however, many believe it to be a byproduct of two extremely hard-hitting pure indicas that will make you feel like your face is coming off in a fury of tingles.


The flavors and aromas are not anything to write home about but are pleasant enough: earthy and woody with a nice aftertaste. The most abundant terpene in Face Off OG is myrcene (herbal), followed by limonene (citrus) and caryophyllene (pepper).


This is a killer strain. Strong on every level, giving a fantastic experience all around. It is slow to kick in, strong Indica body high, with some trippy effects. It ends with a gentle nudge towards sleepiness. The sleepiness sets in fairly quickly, so if you are the type to plan, make sure to include a pillow.

Typical Effects: sleepy, relaxed, tingly

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