Hawaii ’78 Weed Strai


THC: 14% – 16%, CBD:


Hawaii ’78 Weed Strai

Also famous to the locals as the “Sweet Lady of Wa’ahole” is a 100% sativa strain. The classic Hawaiian sativa effects and flavor of this sativa strain makes this bud a breeder and patient favorite all around the world. This marijuana strain has a flavor of fresh mangoes and pineapples with a touch of rich floral. Hawaii ’78 Weed Strain

Medical Benefits: Thanks to these effects and its low 10-12% average THC level, Hawaii ’78 is said to be perfect for treating Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Fatigue.

The smell is earthy and flowery with a notable tropical overtone that’s very tangy and sweet. This bud has lumpy bright neon green nugs spatter with fuzzy vivid amber hairs. Coated with light amber crystal trichomes that are pretty milky upon closer examination.







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