Kushie Gold Pure Cannabis Oil



Kushie Gold Pure Cannabis Oil

This cartridge offers a clean and pure cannabis oil using only quality flower and cannabis-derived terpenes. In addition, each cartridge contains 1 gram of pure uncut gold goodness testing at 90%+ THC. Offering premier cannabis products and stylish apparel and accessories, Kushie Brand has quickly become the safe-haven for artists and creatives who value individuality and imagination. Buy Kushie Gold Pure Cannabis Oil

Kushie Brand isn’t just a marijuana brand; it’s a way of life. Believing in the need for self-care and ability to unwind. These cartridges helps promote the relaxing and joyful qualities of marijuana. However, contributing to eliminate the social taboo associated with the cannabis community.

Each Pod contains one gram (1000mg) of pure uncut gold goodness testing at 90% + THC. Contains no PG/PEG/VG, MCT or Fillers. Kushie Pods are first of its kind, made to fit the JUUL battery which are readily available and discreet. Designed using a unique delivery system our Pods offer a leak free experience


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