Love Hemp 400mg CBD Spray 30ml


Conveniently bottled in a neat and sleek atomiser spray, the Love Hemp 400mg CBD Oil Spray is extracted from the very best USA-grown, certified organic hemp and then CO2 extracted to make a great quality product. we think the Orange flavoured spray is the nicest tasting CBD product we’ve tested so far – and we’ve tried a few!



Love Hemp 400mg CBD Spray 30ml

love hemp CBD spray

Treat yourself to a natural wellness boost by activating your very own endocannabinoid system!

Simply spray this CBD oil twice under your tongue up to three times per day, then hold in your mouth for a minute before swallowing to experience the benefits that everyone is talking about. Providing you with an alternative sense of wellbeing and a whole new way to relax.

The Cannabidiol is CO2 extracted – the gold standard for CBD extraction. We truly believe Love Hemp CBD oil is one of the best CBD products on the market. If you’re looking for high quality and affordable CBD oil then this is what you need.

This product has undergone a stringent quality control system using the latest and greatest scientific and technological techniques. All of which produces a gorgeous, golden oil that contains high levels of CBD with virtually zero THC. Meaning no highs or drowsiness. Just a safe and legal supplement that you can incorporate into your daily rituals.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Available in Orange and Peppermint flavours.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Hemp Extract with active Cannabidiol (CBD) (Flavoured oils – Orange and Peppermint oil)

Grown in BIO soil in strictly controlled conditions with no chemical fertilisers, growth hormones or genetically modified products. Gluten and GMO-free. Vegan.

Care of your CBD oil: Please be aware that if oil spills through the pipette glass onto the bottle thread and you reseal the product, it can cause leaks to occur. Use appropriate material to wipe your bottle dry, if this occurs.

Do you need more information before you buy?  Try our GUIDE TO HEMP ESSENTIAL OIL & CBD PRODUCTS.

Packed weight: 105g


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