Namaste Pax Era Vape Cartridges



Namaste Pax Era Vape Cartridges

Namaste Pax Era Vape Cartridges offer a selection of our best-selling strains in pre-filled Era Pods. Compatible with the PAX Era premium extract vaporizer. These pods contain 100% plant-derived ingredients without any additives.

Process starts with extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from the premium cannabis strains. Using a supercritical C02 process. Next, the cannabis oil is distilled via molecular distillation, and botanical terpenes are reintroduce. Maintaining the strain’s natural terpene profile and flavour.

PAX Era Pods are durable, leak-resistant and clog-free. They feature smart click technology which allows consumers to easily switch between different strains. The Era empowers discreet, on-the-go extract dosing. Standing out as one of the most stylish and high-functioning vaporizers currently out there.

Enjoy your favorite oils and extracts without combustion. Our premier pen and pod system provides an easy delivery process for the ultimate flavor experience. The Era Series is a pocket-sized option for discreet use. Specifically designed to offer a reliable method to deliver extracts on the go, it has a slim shape and small size. Our extract device collection delivers predictable control over things like flavor, potency and temperature.


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