Pax Era Pro Vape Pen UK



Pax Era Pro Vape Pen UK

It seems like Pax Labs took stock of the ever-growing confusion around vaping and did its best to address it with the Pax Era Pro. This diminutive pen is all things Pax streamlined designed backed by powerful technology. Pax Era Pro Vape Pen UK

But now with a smart sensor that reads the proprietary oil pod you insert. It gives you the rundown on it via a Pax Android app: who made it, what strain it is, and what tests have been done on it. Beyond that, it has multiple temperature settings and an immediate draw time. (Takes: oil).


Lightweight & Pocket Sized
No-Button Interface
Anodized Aluminum Shell
Total Control Via Bluetooth App
50% Improved Bluetooth Range
Extended Battery Life
Haptic Feedback
Improved Airflow
In-Depth Material Information
Automatic Temperature Adjustment
Dose Control
Lockout Feature
PAXSmart Era Pro Pods Not Included
Once you have your hands on a PAX pod, it’s smooth sailing from there. Insert the pod and push it in until it ‘clicks’. The petals will blink white and fade to yellow, indicating the current temperature. With PAXSmart pods, the petals will light up white, and then fade to light blue and yellow to indicate the ExpertTemp setting.

Change the temperature: The PAX Era and Era Pro are one of the only pod systems to include variable temperature settings. The Era Pro comes with four preset temperatures, indicated by the flashing yellow petals.
1 light blue/yellow petal: ExpertTemp Setting
1 yellow petal: 520° F
2 yellow petals: 610° F
3 yellow petals: 700° F
4 yellow petals: 790° F


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1 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce


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