PLUS Uplift Grapefruit With Vitamin B



PLUS Uplift Grapefruit With Vitamin B

Sometimes you want to kick it into high gear. These design cannabis gummies will help you to elevate your everyday without weighing you down. Each grapefruit gummy has 50mg of CBD, vitamin B, and fewer than 5 calories. PLUS Uplift Grapefruit With Vitamin B

Ingredients and Allergens:
Kosher gelatin,
CBD isolate,
Citric acid,
Natural grapefruit flavor,
Lemon essential oil,
Artificial coloring,
Vitamin B6,
Vitamin B9,
Vitamin B12.
How to use: We recommend starting with 2 gummies, or 100mg of CBD. If you are generally sensitive to CBD, start with 1 gummy (50mg), wait 30 minutes, and take another if you haven’t yet felt the effects


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