Skunk #1 Marijuana Strain



Skunk #1 Marijuana Strain

Skunk #1 Marijuana Strain also popular as “#1” or simply as “Skunk”. It actually has less THC than its reputation might suggest: about 15-19% tops. This is an indica-dominant strain (35:65 sativa/indica ratio) best use late in the day. Though it comes with a head buzz that belies its indica genes, Skunk #1 also provides deep-body relaxation.

Medical Benefits: It can be used to treat Anxiety, Mental Disorders, Chronic Pain, Headaches, Depression, Fatigue, Stress and Lack of Appetite.

The head high is energetic and creative, while the body high is peaceful and soothing. Dry mouth is the most common problem with this strain, as well as paranoia and red eyes.

This true breeding strain is a cross consisting of Afghani, Mexican Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold genetics. This branch of the cannabis tree has become notorious due to its potency. Now the term “skunk” is use to refer to any very potent or powerful ganja











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