The 420 Brownie UK



The 420 Brownie UK

While many consumers may at first think such a large dose is a crazy idea, they quickly go on to discover that these “The 420 Brownie UK” are quite convenient to stash in their freezer. Also, since they get so many doses out out of a single bar, they can end up being a great bargain for consumers on a budget.

In the world of cannabis edibles, pot brownies are the ultimate comfort food. These brownie proves to be just that, with a rich and creamy texture that lends itself to cutting into proper portions with no crumbling. Considering the highly dosage, the ability to portion it out is especially important.

While definitely not the healthiest choice, this marijuana edible is perfect for those users who just want to relax on the couch with a brownie and a tall glass of milk. Please do not eat it all in one sitting


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