Trainwreck Pressed Kief UK



Trainwreck Pressed Kief UK

Trainwreck Pressed Kief UK is collected by local, experienced growers from fresh Trainwreck harvests. Our kief is sourced from only the most premium flowers available. It is processed strictly to ensure that the resinous THC glands are completely separated from any plant material.

Kief is made up of the resin glands or trichomes of the cannabis plant. It is seperated from the rest of the plant matter, and is basically pure THC concentrate.

If you’ve ever owned a grinder or buster, you understand how special it is to collect kief. In addition, treating yourself to a nice, extra potent bowl or joint every now and then! If you aren’t so patient, don’t worry – our AAA+ grade Trainwreck kief is of the highest quality and ready for anyone looking to medicate!


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