Tyson Cannabis Strain UK


THC: 20% – 24%


Tyson Cannabis Strain UK

Also known as “Mike Tyson,” is an extremely rare 100% pure indica strain. This bud has been the classic house strain and packs a powerful punch of heavy effects. Buy Tyson Cannabis Strain UK

Medical Benefits: These powerful indica effects and its high THC level of 21% make this weed strain perfect for treating patients suffering from Chronic Stress, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, and Appetite Loss.

You’ll feel an initial cerebral onset that is relatively mild. Leaving you uplifted and happy with a sense of euphoria. A creeping body high will slowly overtake you. Hitting you like a truck with a heavy sense of couch-lock and lethargy that’s not too drowsy or narcotic. You’ll be functional if need be but completely relaxed and pain-free.
















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