WASP Wax Air THC Vape Pen


WASP Wax Air THC Vape Pen UK

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Buy WASP Wax Air THC Vape Pen UK

The Wasp Wax Air Dab Pen is a compact and portable dab pen that will provide users with the tastiest powerful dabs. It comes in two colors, and several extra accessories upon purchase. WASP Wax Air THC Vape Pen.

900 mAh Wasp battery, one carborundum coil, a USB wireless charger, and a dab tool in a pretty gift box from Mig Vapor.

In addition, users will also receive a user manual instructing them on how to use and clean the dab pen. It comes with a 90-day warranty for additional consumer confidence in the product.

Moreover, this vape pen is simple portable and elegant. It vapes oils with high efficiency and in that way, meets all your vaping needs. However, it has a beautiful green diamond button and an ergonomically designed charging port, which are a representation of the manufacturer’s endeavor to combine style with substance in the device.

Furthermore, the pen’s features make it ideal for vaping in transit owing to its portability and 1 or 2 hours charging speed. The material from which it is made doesn’t rust, and it prevents oxidization of your THC oil, ensuring that it remains potent.


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