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What is Wax

Wax is a marijuana concentrate which is becoming increasingly popular on college campuses over the last five years. It has also been found in the possession of students at the high school level, and is referred to as weed wax, dabbing, dabs or butane hash oil (BHO), which explains its 710 slang term (the number 710 spells oil upside down and backwards). Marijuana wax looks like it sounds: A sticky, syrup-like substance that’s robust enough to hold its form on a flat surface after it’s cooled. It is typically tinted yellow and may be kept on wax paper (right after it’s been made) or in small containers. Weed wax is a highly concentrated form of marijuana. Buy weed online from our legal marijuana store.

Weed Wax – Buy Marijuana Wax Online

Weed wax online is taken from marijuana plants but can have up to eight times the concentration of THC compared to the buds people typically smoke. As such, people who become accustomed to smoking wax from a dispensary, an illicit website or a friend may be dissatisfied with going back to regular marijuana because their tolerance may dramatically increase. Making marijuana wax is an extremely dangerous process that is actually not explicitly illegal in every state.