Blue Dream Wax


Blue dream wax proved to be flavorful off the nail, less so in the pen.

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Blue Dream Wax

Blue Dream Wax for Sale
This wax proved to be flavorful off the nail, less so in the pen.  Either way, this wax burst into big ol’ clouds of vapor.  Sweet berry and toasty dough dominate the flavor profile.  The grayish brown color is a bit dull to the eye and certainly lacks the luster of some other waxes we’ve reviewed.  However, the stiff, dry consistency was ideal for easy manipulation into a vape pen or onto a hot nail.
Blue Dream wax has long been a perpetual favorite strain of the Review, keeping our writers mesmerized by it’s supreme balance of effects.  This can be linked to its lineage: Blueberry and Super Silver Haze (Skunk x NL x Haze).  Or at least a haze strain, if not the legendary Super Silver.  The high starts with a heady rush as the vapor is taken in.  On the exhale comes a ponderous daze, lending to the dreamy influence noted in its name.  I love it for solo, quiet activities: long walks, reading, listening to music with headphones.  All are enhanced by Blue Dream wax.  The lazy but thoughtful high is perfect for calming anxiety without a sedative effect.  At the same time, depression is eased with its comfortable mood enhancement.  Blue Dream wax is the cannabis equivalent to enjoying a mug of cocoa with extra marshmallows in front of the fireplace on a chilly winter night.


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