Buddies Exotic Vape Cartridges



Buddies Exotic Vape Cartridges

With pax pod or standard 510 threaded vape cartridges, Buddies makes it easy to use either a proprietary or universal battery setup. All of the cartridge options feature a distillate or live resin oil inside. Those looking for the highest amount of THC, usually go for the distillate series. Buddies Exotic Vape Cartridges
Extraction methods are specific to one particular cannabis strain and no herbs or terpenes added to the oil. Only 100% cannabis oil is used in their
Quality, consistent cannabis vapes that you don’t have to break the budget to enjoy. Some favorite flavors include: Dosi OG, Durbert, Alien OG, Kosher Tangie, and Headband. With a good mix of indica, sativa, and CBD options, Buddies makes sure there’s an option for whatever you want to do.


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