Jetty Extracts Pure Cartridges UK



Jetty Extracts Pure Cartridges UK

Jetty Extracts Pure Cartridges UK contains no additives and is favor for its well round effects. These pure cannabis oils are lab test and design to vaporize nicely. In addition, the Pure vape cartridges provide the cleanest and most convenient way to medicate. Additionally, the pure CO2 oil contains no glycols or other additives.

However, terpenes that are typically lost with most extraction methods are put back into Jetty Pure vape oils. Ensuring great flavor and taste. The oil has great clarity with a viscous consistency. Smooth smoke, great taste and high can’t go wrong with a Jetty Pure vape cartridge.

Jetty Extracts produces and manufactures high quality distillate oil. They use C02 extraction methods and short-path distillation which are double lab test. Through double lab testing, they are able to verify and confirm quality of the oil to ensure a clean and safe product.


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