OPenVape Reserve Vape Cartridge



OPenVape Reserve Vape Cartridge

RESERVE oil is filled into ceramic core cartridge technology. The top performing cartridge on the market, helping achieve smooth, consistent pulls. RESERVE is a 500 or 1,000mg CO2 extracted distillate cartridge. RESERVE oil tests up to 92% potency so you get more than just flavor in your cartridge. Buy OPenVape Reserve Vape Cartridge

Extracted from artisan grown cannabis flower with same-strain cannabis terpenes reintroduced. Cutting-edge terpene extraction methods allow for a more full-bodied & flavorful experience. The quality of oil that these cartridges provide is just alright.

Consumers will enjoy how smooth and efficiently it hits, as well as the flavor it provides. The taste delivers a great, sweet, and light flavor. The taste is probably my favorite feature out of all this cartridge


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