Potter Cannabis Vape Cartridges



Potter Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Potter Cannabis Vape Cartridge are handcraft by the most forward-thinking cannabis lovers. THC cartridges like Potters Cannabis strives to increase the quality of life for all. One premium vape, topical, or philanthropic effort at a time.

In addition, they ensure that every compound is 100% natural. These cartridges have always been, and will continue to be, pesticide free, solvent free and microbial free. A robust profile of over 50 organic terpenes to replicate the natural flower experience. The effects of cannabis are magnified by all of the compounds (cannabinoids + terpenes) working together also popular as the Entourage Effect.

They start their process with the finest cannabis flowers with stable genetics. Those buds grow up to reach their ideal genetic potential before being harvested for extraction. Processing carries out the same level of quality control and care as the farm.

With ethanol extraction (a safer and cleaner extraction than butane and propane). They combine Live Resin cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. The extraction proces never use harmful cutting agents, and there is no MCT or coconut oil in their vapes. Screw it on to any 510 thread battery, although we recommend pairing it with a Potters battery for best results.


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